Daily Communion-Key 4 Living

Now that you are a Kingdom of God Citizen, you are a priest and a king…the priestly and kingly thing to do is the Melek Zedek (Melchizedek) Blessing. Melchizedek was not simply a priest and king but he was operating in the “Order of Priests and Kings” . That is why it has not a beginning or end, it is the Order (calling) designed after the Messiah.  We can take Communion every day and make a remembrance of the Lord until He returns by blessing God through this Priestly/Kingly Blessing!

Just take a small cup of juice and a small piece of bread.  Take the bread and say, “Lord, I thank you that You are the creator of all things and You provide me with all that I need. I thank you for this bread and for this opportunity to remember what You have asked Your Son, Jesus (Y’shua) to do for me. He gave His life freely for my sin’s debt and He was sinless. I am eternally grateful!”

Next, take the cup of juice and say, “Oh God thank You for all Your wonderful blessings! You have provided the perfect sacrifice for my sins by the shed Blood of Y’shua, (Jesus). I ask You to show me this day how I can live for You and walk out my life of faith in You. Give me an assignment today, so my actions can show that I remember what Jesus did for me! (until He comes again!)

Thank You Father,


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