Gift of Evangelist -Key 4 Harvest

The Gift of the Evangelist.

Some of the behavioral characteristics of the evangelist are:

They see the external needs of people and make every effort to meet them.

They’re concerned about the comfort of other people and care deeply about their spiritual condition. They recognize that the need for salvation is the greatest need of all mankind!

They are very obedient to their call and so are talkers-always talking to strangers and bringing everything back to salvation, usually through encouragement.

The evangelist has few enemies, easily extends honor to others.  They are fiercely loyal and when they see friends or family hurt they can become very angry.

The evangelist is willing to work very hard. They can help people with serious problems and walk through areas of deep iniquity without being defiled; they see people as needy and try to bring them into a place of fullness in God, through salvation.

They have absolutely no desire to make a name for themselves or build their own ministry kingdom. They have no selfish ambition. They make people feel safe and accepted and speak salvation to them, always talking about having a relationship with God.

They can be very dramatic and emotional, sometimes even overreacting. They are drawn to spiritual warfare by their love for others, desiring to ease the suffering that is caused by demonic forces in people’s lives. They detest abuse and will work with all diligence to bring healing to an individual in pain-always leading them to Messiah as the healer.  Many evangelists have healing gifts and gifts of miracles.

Some examples and Scripture are John the apostle, Barnabas, and Philip.

The mature evangelist walks in genuine mercy while embracing discipline and pain as part of the healing and growing process. The mature evangelist walks in true empathy allowing them to lead others to salvation and repentance with wisdom and appropriate boundaries.

The immature evangelist does not stand on their values but does whatever necessary to make people around them happy.  They are not as diligent to draw people to salvation and sometimes they draw people to themselves. They lead and make decisions based on their feelings. The immature evangelist flees from pain and the discipline of God and they try to protect others from the appropriate negative consequences of sin. They cannot discern counterfeit mercy from genuine mercy very well and it gets them hurt. The immature evangelist embraces even dangerous people sometimes, like those who do not demonstrate the “fruit meet for repentance”.

The mature evangelist has found true fulfillment in the spirit to spirit connection with God and because of this level of interfacing with God’s Spirit, mercy could actually come forth and bring glory to the living God thereby transferring and releasing salvation, healing, and many other manifestations-even miracles- that occur when one comes into the Kingdom.

The immature evangelist has been unable to find true fulfillment in his connection with God and because of his lack of interfacing with God, his identification with mercy is perverted, bringing forth inappropriate intimacy and sin in his own life. They tend to befriend the lost and it is often difficult to see the difference between the man of God and the sinner…The Gift of Evangelist has as his birthright to bring in souls to the kingdom of God!  The immature evangelist has a difficult time doing this effectively because of his lack of relationship with God so this plays out by him drawing attention to himself and drawing people to himself. Also he is often motivated by fear and feelings so corruption and defilement is often the result when they’re interacting with the lost.

The mature evangelist is very trustworthy and obedient, understanding their birthright and because of this it is difficult to defile them when they are dealing with the lost. They understand their position as those who are “fishers of men”, and are ecstatic and grateful to God for trusting them with such a large responsibility and call on their life.

The immature evangelist misunderstands that he is a gift and doesn’t comprehend true humility and actually has a poverty spirit on him, because he thinks of himself in wrong terms. Because he gets caught up in sin with the people he’s trying to save he gets frustrated with the un-fruitfulness of his ministry and many turn to drugs and alcohol and have to go around the whole mountain again.

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