Gift of Pastor-Key 4 Giving

The Gift of Pastor

Pastors show us that they’re versatile and adaptable, very flexible in nature. Their general worldview is that they’re not only concerned with their own life but intentionally try to prepare the way for their family after them and friends and all those in their sphere of influence.

They are nurturing type people, deeply committed to helping. Generally they have a heart for evangelism but would rather not have to “pick the fruit” so to speak, or “go fishing”.

They’re very independent and they cannot be controlled or manipulated by others easily. They can relate to a wide range of people, and are generally non-confrontational. They usually delegate spiritual warfare and will instead find unseen options and opportunities to obtain their goals.

Money and favors seem to come to them and they can find favor opportunities and resources when they themselves have no resources. They give generously to good causes and other ministries that they feel are valuable but are not generally sensitive to the poor’s needs.

The pastor can sustain tense relationships without bringing them to closure. They agree to disagree easily and they are not necessarily that interested with who is right and who is wrong, they just want peace. Some examples in Scripture are Abraham, Jacob, Job and Matthew.

The contrast between the mature pastor and the immature pastor is eye opening because they are the ones operating in their gift openly– more than most other gifts.

  1. The mature pastor trusts God to deliver what He has promised and has learned to trust God in taking financial risks, often not just taking the safe deal. They have a balanced generosity, giving wisely to established ministries both in their personal time of abundance and in their time of need.

The immature pastor gives only in time of abundance and does not seem to have as much faith in God to bring things about. The immature pastor can be overly cautious and base their decisions on safe things in fear rather than faith. They have difficulty birthing new things. Often they are too frugal with family members or generous with an intent to control.

2. The mature pastor sees themselves as a conduit of God’s blessings to others. They no longer use religious activity to please God but walk in a truelove relationship from their heart embracing the new wine that God offers. They are able to develop life giving relationships within their immediate family and also outside their immediate family in their sphere of influence.

The immature pastor walks out their faith like a business contract keeping their end of the bargain most of the time and prefers tradition and liturgy over the new wine that God offers. They often use unhealthy emotional manipulation to control family members and making the petty in their differences. They have shallow connections with nonfamily members and key people away at an arm’s length.


3. The mature pastor builds and provides for the future based on his faith in God. He attempts to walk in holiness and is not casual about God’s absolutes recognition also in that God is holy. He accepts responsibility for his past mistakes and is willing to make amends acknowledging unhealthy patterns and makes every attempt to change that behavior human unhealthy patterns in his life and making every effort to turn it around.

The immature pastor is suspicious and fearful of what might happen and builds protective structures based on fear. His relationship with God does not give him the faith he needs to step out and take risks financially. The immature pastor doesn’t walk in holiness as much and is more casual about God’s absolutes. He is not as willing to accept responsibility for his past mistakes, and often isn’t even willing to look introspectively at them.

4. The mature pastor recognizes their authority which enables them to utilize their birthright to impart generational blessings of wealth in favor similar to Abraham in the Bible. They also have authority to guard new programs ministries through intercession and they can impart blessing at the beginning of a project in ministry.

The immature pastor does not learn well from his past so he continuously makes the same mistakes over again but considers each situation as unique and different not realizing the pattern of them. The immature pastor enjoys using his authority to bless everyone all the time and it is one of the ways he gains self -appreciation as it helps him to be puffed up..

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