Gift of Apostle-Key 4 Ruling

Gift of ruler or apostle

The characteristics of an apostle can be the most varied of all of the gifts that we will explore. They have the highest call and the most complicated gift. Generally an apostle will have a great deal of suffering in their lives and many, perhaps most had horrific childhoods. A high intellect is also a distinction of an apostle.

They’re generally deep thinkers and rely heavily on God for their next step. They are usually the type of people who talk to God all day long. An apostle is like a bulldog in that once he has secured a truth in his life, he will never let it go.

Apostles are instrumental in building foundations of works such as churches, Tabernacles, assemblies, seminaries, etc. They allow the Lord to prune them and are usually the hardest workers in the group. They have a servant’s heart and a great ability to do a variety of things, in other words they can do many things well and cover many areas.

Once a person with an apostolic call realizes his authority in the Lord, he attempts to walk it out without injuring others and in trying to include as many as possible. The apostle has the ability to operate in all five of the gifts to the body for a short period of time. They can evangelize in order to gain a group; then they can teach them; pastor them so the people will prosper. They will use their prophetic gift to know which people are right for positions in the church so the work will prosper.  Also, the prophetic gift of an apostle aids them in knowing what prayers to pray, what declarations to make and what spirits to dispel off of lands, people, or other entities.

The apostle establishes works through the foundation of prayer making the land holy and consecrated unto God for his purposes, essentially establishing the land for the kingdom of God.

Of all of the five gifts given to the body of Messiah, it is most probable that the Lord will manifest in an apostle.

When contrasting the mature apostle with the immature or carnal apostle the differences can show up in various areas in the way of goals, attitudes, vision, and interpersonal relationships.

1. The mature apostle has high moral integrity leading people by principle and taking a stand for righteousness regardless of personal cost. They will apply pressure with wisdom for short periods of time to meet certain productive goals in the work place situation, a home environment, or ministry setting.

The immature apostle walks in moral compromise, often feeling that their great works and accomplishments are enough to compensate for their failures. They will be like taskmasters oftentimes in their workplace situations, environments and ministry settings by applying constant pressure to the people for production goals.


2. The mature apostle completes their tasks with excellence. They share authority and leadership with others without a problem for they are team players and can partner with other churches for citywide group efforts in order to evangelize. They complete the key task God has given them and are no longer busy and or distracted by the multiple interests and abilities they have. They begin to do the “God thing” instead of all the good things they are able to do.

The immature Apostle does not complete their tasks to finality, usually coming in at around 80% completion. They are self-reliant and often see no value in partnering with others. There are some who would take credit for results without recognizing/valuing the input and contributions of others. They are distracted by multiple projects which utilize their various giftings and abilities and either have lost their vision from God or allowed it to get buried under the many activities.


3. The mature apostle has life-giving and healthy relationships. They engage emotionally and are willing to build or re-build relationships in their personal lives. Because they have made God their partner they can get results that are over and above their own abilities and resources.  They are able to build and maintain significant ministries with very limited resources.

The immature apostle still operates through his own pain and has difficulty engaging emotionally. During times of family and relational stress they tend to avoid situations and people-often taking on more work. They tend to be overly busy with multiple interests and activities to complete important projects and seem to be driven to do more and more-endlessly pursuing more objectives. They have a good relationship with God-just ask them! They find their value in work and accomplishments and can neglect their relationship with God.


4. The mature apostle can take correction but will always take it to the Lord because he knows the ways of the enemy are to take him out of his position of authority. So they draw balance and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal hidden faults and even pray for Him to uncover their faults to them. The mature apostle is more likely to fight for the Word of God than over being right about something in their lives.

The immature apostle has trouble receiving correction, believes they are right most of the time and will have power confrontations to convince others that they are right, whether it is about the Word of God or something in their own lives.


5. The mature apostle is an empire builder and it is their birthright to impart generational blessings to government systems, lands, kingdoms, nations and individuals. Prayer warriors and rulers with Kingdom authority is what they operate as and consider it an honor to serve people in love. You will often find them on the mission fields or as workers of the harvest.

The immature apostle judges others and strives to draw righteousness to themselves, similar to the “elder brother to the prodigal son”.  Unfortunately they often are lovers of the law and not followers of the law of love.



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