Gift of Teacher-Key 4 Understanding

The Gift of Teacher

 Behavioral characteristics of the teacher’s gift are these:

they need to validate the truth

they don’t reject or receive new truth immediately because they test everything

to them, accuracy is vital

they can be found to procrastinate at times

They make new decisions slowly, safely often frustrating visionaries

they are safe people emotionally

they are able to hear any kind of sin in a person’s life without rejecting them—they’re nonjudgmental

they’re calm in a crisis

they are angry only when offenses are committed against a family member or someone else care deeply for

they may find it difficult to return phone calls

they have difficulty handling money

they love pure doctrine, they search out the truth in the original language of the Greek and Hebrew

they have more confidence in the word of God that in the experiences of men

if a great sense of humor and can tend to be practical jokers

they have profound loyalty to leaders examples in the Bible are; Samuel to Saul and Luke to Paul

teachers are willing to die for their convictions

teachers have a burden for spiritual physical natural healing in themselves and others

(Some biblical examples of teachers are: Daniel, Luke, Isaiah, Levi, Samuel, Ezra, Mary the mother of Jesus and Mordechai.)


Again it is important to understand the differences between a mature teacher and an immature or carnal teacher. The Bible says that a person is changed from Glory to Glory…which means that as we apply the Word of God to our lives and allow the Holy Spirit to be the Lord over our lives, we get changed. It is a process. We’re going to explore some of these differences, of course there may be more, but the following list is fairly accurate.

  1. The Mature Teacher has a relationship with the Truth. He is a person, He is God, He is Y’shua. To the mature teacher their relationship with God is far more superior than their acquired knowledge through study. They cherish and value every rhema, logos and revelatory word they receive from the Bible.


The immature or carnal teacher values knowledge of God and religious service over their relationship with God. They look for more and more credentials, degrees, and places to show their knowledge. They tend to be arrogant and have an unhealthy confidence in knowledge valuing reason over revelation.

  1. The mature teacher walks in the fullness of the responsibility principle in other words they have integrity and it set the bar in their life, in this way they’re influential especially among their family numbers.


The immature teacher is only selectively responsible usually excelling at work but negligent regarding their home responsibilities and family duties as annoying. They do not regard any sense of family holiness.


  1. The mature teacher builds structures that steward new revelation, as leaders they confront sin if it is in their midst. They have a life-giving and healthy perspective regarding people as well as infrastructure, principles and vision which gives them the desire to release truth to empower and equip the saints.


The immature teacher only accepts what is been documented enjoys ritual and drinks old-line. They have carnal mercy carnal love and carnal guidance that enables sin and sinners to continue in their ways. They want to love people into the kingdom even after the time for repentance has passed (this heart attitude often causes teachers to be confused with mercy gifts).

  1. The mature teacher refuses to walk in a predator type spirit and protects those who are weak and wounded. They walk in a healthy attitude toward those they teach and do not lord it over them. They value their students and feel gratitude toward God for allowing them to have a teaching position.


The immature teacher has poor boundaries for future planning and preparation for growth, and an unbalanced ministry perspective, using control and knowledge over others like a weapon. This limits others that they are trying to teach and goes unnoticed by the immature teacher. They are sarcastic often and condescending to those they are trying to teach. No sense of protection comes forth because they are involved in their own interests and do not walk in the authority God has given them but take their own authority and knowledge.


  1. The mature teacher walks in a healthy loyalty to God this gives them life-giving ability to their students infusing them with confidence and a healthy sense of self-esteem.


The immature teacher has an unhealthy loyalty to God because it is perverted by the enemy to keep them in toxic relationships and environments. They do not infuse their students with a healthy sense of self-esteem and give them little confidence to be able to use the knowledge they have given them.


  1. The mature teachers birthright is to have access to the hidden manna in the word of God (they can bring out of the storehouse of the word the old and the new truth combined). This hidden manna also pertains to supernatural intercessory strategies.


The immature teacher rejects undocumented truth and spiritual experiences having confidence in only what they know instead of who they know including God. Because their relationship with God is not fortified by intimacy they do not have access to the hidden manna in the word of God, and because of their arrogance fail to see the need.


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