The Prophetic Gift -Keys for Future

In order to understand the various gifts we need to examine one at a time. The behavioral characteristics of a prophet gift are these:

  1. They are seers and for a moment may see the mind of God for situation.
  2. They see things in black or white.
  3. They enjoy new things
  4. they are verbally expressive
  5. they are extremely opinionated
  6. they take the initiative to judge others
  7. they know no fear, and they are not intimidated by the unknown
  8. they cannot tolerate bondage are being closed in
  9. extraordinarily generous, they can often be compulsive and unwise
  10. they can shift gears very quickly
  11. they are visionaries and feel they must have a vision and a reason, often with the deadline and an objective
  12. they are fiercely competitive
  13. they are fully transparent – giving full disclosure
  14. they are very hard on themselves, often denouncing themselves
  15. they must make sense out of everything
  16. they do not maintain past relationships well, once they have moved on
  17. they have a passion for excellence, not only in themselves but others
  18. their own motions are full range, they have deep mercy, fierce judgment, ecstatic joy or deep depression
  19. they cannot tolerate when people will not face their own issues and are in denial
  20. they have strong faith
  21. they are nurturers, and are drawn to people others may reject or ignore
  22. they can usually spot disobedience, rebellion, victim spirit or victim mentality and hypocrisy immediately

(We can find some examples of this personal gift to the body of Messiah in Scripture in the persons of Elijah, Peter, Ezekiel, Caleb, James the brother of Christ, Naomi and Miriam.)

Part two of this exploration into this gift of the prophet to the body of Messiah is to compare the mature prophet to the carnal or immature prophet.

1.      Mature prophets release the design and intent from the mind of God, bringing correction encouragement and promotion to either individuals or assemblies. They bring forth a future focused mentality which activates the potential of people, whether it be through correction, encouragement or bringing a person to a promotion.

The Immature Prophet on the other hand is negative, hopeless, allows the enemy to manipulate their “design gift” to keep them focused on the past, nursing grievances endlessly. They stay stuck on problems/deficiencies around them which inhibits growth in their personal transformation into the likeness of Messiah.

2.      The mature prophet confronts sin boldly but also has a vision for the fullness of God’s grace. They speak forth life-giving correction with grace leading the way in love in their hearts for the sinner. A good example of hating the sin while loving the sinner, causing them to want to help the person be relieved of the negative behavior.

The immature prophet is extremely critical and comes across as condemning pointing out what is wrong with everyone and everything. The grace and mercy of God is not felt by the person being corrected and the immature prophet seems to be the first one in line to throw a stone because they are always dead right.

3.      The mature prophet can forgive and extend mercy to himself and others primarily because they embrace the value of all God’s principles and are not content to be fulfilled alone but encourage others to embrace pain and earn authority in Christ.

The immature prophet over repentance never seeming to feel forgiven and sees others as all remarkable if they operate in the gifts of God when they see their sin. They can only feel to extend forgiveness and mercy if they believe the responsibility for this sin has been met. They gravitate to personally likable people and principles.

4.      The mature prophet embraces truth about themselves and others that deal with healthy relationship building. The mature prophet has learned to endure hardship and perseverance in difficult and unexplainable circumstances which allows them to grow in favor with God and gain natural and spiritual authority.  The mature prophet values and trusts God’s timing which allows their root system in relationships to go deep by God’s power and leaves the increase in the result to God.

The immature prophet often will neglect the truth that helps them deal with healthy relationship building primarily because they cannot face the reality of their own shortcomings in their interpersonal relationships. Often they complain, assign blame, quit relationships, leave jobs and churches because they cannot persevere through seasons of preparation and impartation which builds character and fortifies relationships. They often run ahead of God’s timing and try to initiate things on their own and in their own timing, operating more out of fear than in trusting God.

5.      The mature prophet understands and embraces the Son-ship offered by God in our adoption into the kingdom and family of God. They often respond appropriately to situations while still having emotions do not go into the deep negative capacities of those emotions.

The immature prophet has a fear of being sidelined and so has difficulty enduring the pruning of God especially when successful opportunities for ministry are removed. They often neglect the relational truths that deal with intimacy with God trying to earn legitimacy and value by things they can do or in using their gifttings. The idea of adoption keeps them set on the orphan aspect rather than the adoption side of the situation. This mentality leads them into that victim mindset and keeps them in a vicious cycle of lack of empowerment and failure.

6.      The mature prophet’s birthright is to know the mind of God and what he desires to speak. The mature prophet can see new applications of truth based on God’s design and intentions, which allows them to implement God’s principles with the goal of rebuilding repairing and restoring.

The immature prophet overreacts and uses extreme responses which are inappropriate to events, in this way they cannot possess their own birthright or empower others to reach theirs. If they remain in this state they will become isolated, withdrawn, hopeless and wounded. These individuals can have a strong mix of truth and error thereby making them considerably dangerous when they give a prophetic utterance. Their ability to see can convince people that what comes next in the prophetic word is true and it can lead people in a wrong direction and could cause them harm.

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